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    Strive for simplicity. Deliver satisfaction.

    Bright Boy is a small business that features simple, unique toys that are manufactured responsibly. Our ethos is simple: we care about the world and we care about the products that our children use.


    You can be assured that our products are of a very high quality. How do we know this? Because we're not the only ones who give these toys to our children; we ship them to extremely satisfied customers worldwide!

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    Friendly Teddy
    This friendly version of the classic teddybear is guaranteed to delight.

    Soft and cozy. Sits 18" tall.

    100% plant-based fur, fabric, and dyes.
    Coming soon
  • Shop Talk

    Commonly asked tidbits.

    How would you describe your toys?

    Modern with a spirit of ingenuity and a tint of ridiculousness.

    Where is your factory?

    Everything we sell is made by brands that we have built personal relationships with. We sell toys made in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

    How to you work with clients?

    We favor the immediacy of drawing and the tactility of a prototype over modeling on computers. And our clients benefit from the visceral reaction of seeing a small scale model or full size prototype.

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